Main concern: This is a beefy, substantial unit for a major pooch. It did its employment, and did it well, with Clint the Chessie, however I would falter to load a littler pooch with it. Clint took it in the water various circumstances, and come in the mud similar to a Chessie's wont, and the collector continued going fine and dandy. This would be an extraordinary unit for your waterfowl canine, yet it could carry out the employment on a major, intense, far reaching pointer as well.

Two of the things I loved best about the unit were the simple on-off switch for the transmitter, and the continuous change rheostat-style incitement dial. I was doubtful at first yet truly developed to like the LCD show of incitement level and battery life remaining. This unit offers numerous great components for your dollar.

Masters: Fully waterproof recipient and transmitter; extraordinary LCD screen for showing incitement level, battery life; straightforward operation

Cons: Thin, limit plastic neckline might be awkward for your pooch; incitement dial may move excessively effectively

Main concern: I consider best electric dog collar this to be even more a mentor's unit than a chasing e-neckline. As a matter of first importance, it appears to be worked for the accomplished e-neckline handler, and is truly all around intended for numerous canines (up to six), which is around five more than the majority of us chase with. In case you're a multi-canine person, this is an incredible unit for you.

The transmitter, however somewhat enormous, offers two elements I discovered helpful - a green light that gives an assertion that your message is achieving the puppy and a for all time joined reception apparatus that even I couldn't lose. Sway gave the unit a wet exercise, and it turned out solid. At last, it's a stalwart model for preparing, as the Classic 70 has been around and doing quite recently that in some frame for a long time.